NovaCoin is a peer-to-peer currency based on hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake block generation methods that enables instant, near-zero cost payments and contributes to the coins energy efficiency.


NovaCoin is an open source decentralized global payment network, it supports private transaction without the need to use of masternodes or mixing services for the address starts from 5.


Despite a more frequent block generation than Bitcoin, NovaCoin uses a different emission model with lower rewards. This is designed to ensure scarcity and enhance the stock-to-flow value of the coin.

NovaCoin Specifications

Want to get started with NovaCoin?

Getting started is really easy, you'll just have to download one of the wallets and transfer your coins to the wallet. For tech details about NovaCoin, check our Wiki.

NovaCoin Wiki

Don't have any coins yet?

Well that's no problem. If you have a mining rig you can mine some coins or just go to the exchange and buy your first NovaCoin.

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